Young Justice: Invasion “Darkest” Review

Title card for Young Justice Invasion
Spoilers for Young Justice below

After the exciting return for season two of Young Justice: Invasion, episode nine “Darkest” mainly focuses on Aqualad and how he is handling the undercover task of infiltrating the Light and finding their mysterious partner. I have begun to notice at this point that the whole invasion plot point with the Kroloteans from the first half of season one seems to have been put on the back burner and now the series is focused on just finding the Light’s unknown partner. This isn’t really a bad thing, as the show was starting to get clustered with plot points and cameos, but it was all being handled well. Maybe the writers and directors are trying to go for a more focused second season.

Aqualad then has a conversation with Lagoon Boy who was captured back in episode seven due to almost blowing Aqualad’s cover. Lagoon Boy then gets sedated and Aqualad’s father, Black Manta, sends him off with the rest of their captured meta-human prisoners to give to The Light’s unknown partner  Aqualad is seen flying a plane accompanied by the Terror Twins, Icicle Jr. and Tigress (Artemis in disguise thanks to a mystic spell from Zatanna back in episode seven which makes her look different to everyone but the few who are in on the Young Justice team’s plan) to intercept someone who is not revealed.

The new Blue Beetle in Young Justice Invasion episode 8
Editor’s note: I really like Blue Beetle

That is, until we see Impulse go to Blue Beetle’s house looking to hang out. Beetle and Impulse are out in the middle of nowhere goofing off when Aqualad’s team attack them, and before he knows it, Impulse steals Aqualad’s tracker. Unknown to Impulse, Aqualad was counting on that so that he could have a legitimate way to infiltrate Mount Justice. Once there, Aqualad’s team completely take over and incapacitate the few members there, including Superboy, Beast Boy, Blue Beetle, Impulse and Nightwing, by attaching power striping collars to their necks. Nightwing obviously wasn’t threatened by this till he Tigress gave him a painful shock from his collar.  Soon some of the members of Aqualad’s team started to talk about killing some of the members of the Young Justice team, but Aqualad refused to let them, putting his cover in jeopardy.

Aqualad holds a trump card by threatening to blow up Mount Justice using a pressure sensitive detonator if any of them try to escape. While escorting the members to their ship as prisoners, Blue Beetle’s scarab suit starts to act out, due to it having a mind of its own, and defeats most of the members on Aqualad’s team, even knocking the bomb detonator out of Aqualad’s hands, revealing that it isn’t even an active detonator and Aqualad’s team to question his loyalty. Aqualad manages to subdue Blue Beetle with the help of Tigress. On their way out, to help seal his loyalty to the Light, Aqualad actually ends up blowing up Mount Justice.

After meeting up with Nightwing later, Kid Flash starts to question if Aqualad may have actually defected to the bad guys. This was another great episode for Young Justice: Invasion and it brought up a good point towards the end through Kid Flash. The possibility of Aqualad being a triple undercover agent, due to losing his love, Aquagirl, in the line of duty and finding out his real father is Black Manta is present. With every episode so far I’m always anticipating the next episode and honestly can’t wait for the following Saturday’s episode as well.