Young Justice: Invasion “Satisfaction” Review

Title card for Young Justice Invasion
Spoilers for Young Justice below

After months of being on hiatus, Young Justice: Invasion continues its season 2 run with episode 8 “Satisfaction.” Viewers finally get to see the real Roy Harper after he was mentioned to have been rescued earlier in the season, and immediately confronts his cloned counterpart in the hospital along with Green Arrow as he tries to figure out what happened to him and the life his cloned lived for him. The rest of the Young Justice team is scattered around doing their own thing, Nightwing and Superboy are at Mount Justice doing their usual planning while Impulse, Blue Beetle and Robin (Tim Drake) are underground giving their respects toward fallen members.

I actually enjoyed the various cameos that they put in this scene for the fallen heroes, we get to see Aquagirl, the original Blue Beetle and what seemed to be the Jason Todd version of Robin. While paying their respects, Blue Beetle pulls Impulse aside and mentions how he is the only member on the team with no mentor and how no one will remember the previous Blue Beetle’s sacrifice, to which Impulse’s response is to buy him some food, a habit shared by the previous flashman Kid Flash. It starts a bond between the two.

Roy Harper and his clone in Young Justice Invasion
They’re not twins, they’re clones

We then see Wally accompany Artemis’s mother to her gravesite after learning about her daughter’s death, which was faked and kept secret to only a few select members of the team in episode 7 “Depths” so that she could help fellow undercover member Aqualad infiltrate the criminal organization The Light. Cheshire and her father/boss Sportsmaster are near the graveyard overshadowing Wally and Artemis’s mother while talking about going after their apparent killers Aqualad and his boss/father Black Manta.

After seeing this, it became apparent to me that this season was going to get very complicated in a good way due to the amount of people who don’t know about Artemis’s faked death, and when and if it becomes known to everyone else involved. Meanwhile, after a falling out between the real Roy Harpor, the cloned Roy Harpor and Green Arrow, they give each other some space, and the real Roy Harpor managed to escape his hospital bed. He goes to one of Green Arrow’s old armament stashes to gear up for his plan to get revenge on Lex Luthor for putting him on ice for so long and taking his right arm. Most of the female members during this episode were off at a bridal shower for one of their members, which was interrupted by Captain Cold trying to rob a money transporter from a bank. It ends up being a very bad move on Captain Cold’s part, since the girls were all in their civilian gear and he did not recognize them.

Tributes to the fallen in Young Justice Invasion
Tributes to the fallen

This wasn’t really a necessary scene for the episode, it wasn’t bad, but may have just been put there to include all of the current members of the team as a sort of refresher due to the long hiatus. After a lengthy and nicely animated fight scene between Roy Harper and Luthor’s cyborg bodyguard, Roy becomes outnumbered by Luthor’s security guards, but instead of Luthor having Roy killed, he instead gives Roy a new robotic arm, to which he decides to rename himself Arsenal. Having the real Roy Harper switch his name to arsenal was a nice nod to comic book fans of Red Arrow (Roy Harper) who know that he also lost his arm, then went back and forth between the Arsenal and Red Arrow persona. This episode was a great reintroduction into the series after not being on the air for so long, the writers and directors haven’t missed a beat and thankfully haven’t had any issues with the series getting stale for me. I can’t wait for more.