Young Justice: Invasion “True Colors” Review

Title card for Young Justice Invasion
Spoilers for Young Justice below

After last week’s slightly disappointing continuation of Young Justice: Invasion after the abrupt hiatus, I was hoping that this week’s episode would impress me a little bit more. Not that I demand much, but the last episode was lacking something for me. Thankfully, “True Colors” did not disappoint in the action and story department, and is making the realization of the coming arrival of the season finale that much more painful. Feeding off of the very end of “Corneredm” “True Colors” features Bumblebee and Ray Palmer inside of something or someone attempting to destroy an object, viewers who aren’t keen to the subtle hints beforehand will find out that the group is inside of Blue Beetle trying to answer his request to get rid of the scarab attached to him.

Due to the scarab’s prolonged attachment to Beetle, the mission to remove it was a failure and so far no one has any idea on how to get rid of the scarab. Fast foward a few minutes later into the episode and even though everyone knows that Blue Beetle is a possible threat to….well the world, they still decide to use him on a mission that focuses on the not so surprising new relationship between the Reach and Lex Luthor in the form of a processing farm for healthy food alternatives (obviously not a cover up for some secret facility right?), and going back to Blue beetle’s situation surprisingly no one mentions a stereotypical, “We need him but can’t trust him” line in the episode.

Nothing good can come of this.
Nothing good can come of this.

Surprisingly Arsenal makes a return for this episode whom viewers haven’t seen in a while since his little stunt to get back at Lex Luthor, becoming the new loose cannon of the group, but in the back of my head I was wondering what happened to the cloned Roy Harper. Using a convenient tour date at the farm, the group including: Blue Beetle, Kid Flash, Robin (Tim Drake) as the leader, and Arsenal sneak away from the tour group to stow away in the bathroom till nightfall to do recon. Everything goes fine until Arsenal sabotages the farm in a rather loud way with explosives hoping to tick Lex off.

young-justice-true-colors the team

Even after the blunder, the team is able to deal with security until future Blue Beetle shows up again (gasp) and basically wipes the floor with team. That is until a mysterious Green Beetle, that acts similar to a martian during combat, shows up and gives the team the leg up in the fight and allows them all to escape. Afterwards the Green Beetle reveals that he is in fact a Martian who had the scarab fuse with him the same way Blue’s scarab fused with him, but due to the martian’s body system, he ended up controlling the scarab and not the other way around. He also informs the team that the Reach sent scarabs to many planets a millennium ago as the start of their current plan unfolding now in order to have warriors ready for what was to come. Smart move on the Reach. ¬†Through mind telepathy in secret from the rest of the team, Green Beetle tells Blue that he can sense worry in him and tells him that he knows Blue wants to get rid of the scarab and that there is another way, much to Blue’s shock.

All through the episode a little exchange happened between Sportsmaster and Black Manta asking permission to go after Aqualad for killing his daughter just so that he won’t look like a punk towards his peers. Father of the year material huh? Black Manta obviously denies the request, to which we get a surprise visit from Deathstroke (he’s been getting a lot of work lately, just look at Arrow and the Injustice game), who tries to take out Sportsmaster being called his “replacement,” but fails and lets him escape. As a final gesture to help Aqualad, Vandal Savage enlists Psimon to help with Aqualad’s memories so that he will be back to normal, though this will allow Psimon to know all of Aqualad’s memories and since he’s undercover that won’t go well with everyone else in the Light. This episode of Young Justice brought back the things that I liked about the show after last week’s effort.

Young Justice True colors deathstroke

With the usual great action mixed with the expansion to the story, new characters and surprise returns of others, “True Colors” definitely made up for last week’s somewhat weak offering.

Rating Banner 4-5