YouTube Plans to Buy Out Twitch for $1 Billion

twitch-tv-logo_0Running a successful website is not dissimilar to Icarus maneuvering with his wings of wax. Fly too close to the warm sun-like embrace of the Internet masses, and you’re sure to burn up and crash into the land of acquisitions below. YouTube and Google have announced plans to acquire Twitch.TV, the Internet’s current #1 site for streaming video game content. This comes after Twitch.TV’s recent rise to the status of a phenomenon, hosting such Internet fads as SaltyBet, VGCW and TwitchPlaysPokemon and consistently streaming out more content than HBO Go on a monthly basis. All that comes on top of Twitch’s real bread and butter, DOTA 2 and League of Legends streams, which can bring to the service to its knees during popular matches.

The deal is not set in stone yet, as legislators have to ensure that the #1 archived video site in the world acquiring the #1 video streaming site in the world isn’t an anticompetitive move. If the deal does go through, it’s also unclear whether Google would merge Twitch in with YouTube like it did with Google Video, or keep it as its own separate business. Considering how much Twitch has tied itself into the next generation of game consoles, Google’s acquisition may also raise privacy concerns for some. As for me, I’d be happy if the servers actually functioned during peak hours and if their video archiving was better, so it could be a great thing. Or Twitch could become the next MySpace. That’s what makes the Internet so fun.