Zynga Shuts Down 11 Facebook and Mobile Games

Zynga Logo

Oh, Zynga. You had it so well. What the hell happened? Maybe it’s that Draw Something was cursed, or that you’re simply everything that is wrong with the industry and karma came knocking, but one thing is for certain: You’re going down.

To cut costs and attempt to pull the company out of its financial sinkhole, Zynga is shutting down eleven of their Facebook and mobile games. While I could understand shutting down obscure crap like Indiana Jones and Mojitomo, it comes as an absolute shock that they would shut down Petville, Mafia Wars 2 and Treasure Isle – some of their top games, judging from the number of requests that I’ve been bombarded with over the years.

Full list of games and apps going the way of the dodo:

  • FishVille – Shut down December 5th
  • Vampire Wars – Shut down December 5th
  • Treasure Isle – Shut down December 5th
  • Montopia – Shut down December 21th
  • PetVille – Shut down December 30th
  • Mafia Wars 2 – Shut down December 30th
  • Indiana Jones Adventure World – Closed to new players, shuts down January 14th
  • Mojitomo – Pulled from app stores
  • Word Scramble Challenge – Pulled from app stores
  • Mafia Wars Shakedown – Pulled from app stores
  • ForestVille – Pulled from app stores

While these closures won’t likely matter to the gaming elitists out there, those who have pumped some money into these games will surly be devastated to learn that they won’t be able to continue enjoying the digital furniture they purchased. In an attempt to get players to transfer over to their flagship titles, Zynga is offering a free bonus package of virtual goods to redeem in CastleVille, ChefVille, FarmVille 2, Mafia Wars or YoVille.

Petville Butthurt

Of course, that isn’t enough for some ex-players. The comments section of PetVille’s farewell post is full of some truly golden responses. Their tears are quite enjoyable.