In The Lab with Farsight’s Bobby King

Star Trek The Next Generation Pinball

We are launching our audio interview series In The Lab, where our guests join us in the Geekenstein Laboratory to discuss whatever they want. Check it out and enjoy the interviews!

While arcades refuse to truly vanish because there are enough of us who still want that experience to keep them limping along, the pinball scene has found a new medium. I still miss the days where my local pizza parlor or bowling alley would drop around $5,000 so I could spend a dollar to rocket that little metal ball around, FarSight Studios has set out to digitize and replicate that experience on my device of choice. I had the chance to sit down with Farsight’s Bobby King to discuss the process of duplicating those machines we know and love and all the costs and speed bumps you never would have thought about.

While I do enjoy Zen Pinball, even more so after a soon to be published interview, I’ve always found that The Pinball Arcade is just a bit more captivating. Probably because it is all real tables that I remember playing. What was particularly interesting was talking about the financial hurdles of recreating these machines. While I have no problem paying anywhere from $2-$5 for a single table, I know that some were flabbergasted by the prices and learning why they almost have to be priced at that was something I think anyone interested in development should hear.

This won’t be the only article or interview about pinball in the near future and if you’re a Playstation Plus member, I highly recommend picking up the currently free Pinball Arcade initial pack. Now that I have it on multiple platforms I have found myself enraptured by Black Hole all over again. If you are a fellow pinball fan, shoot me a line on Twitter @zanthis and we’ll talk and compete for high scores.