Relic Hunters Zero aims to be Steam’s first Play4Real title

Relic Hunters Zero

Could Relic Hunters Zero be the free-to-play title we deserve? That just might be the case considering the Brazilian indie duo of Rogue Snail appear to believe in crafting products of love instead of easy cash grabs. That alone instantly sets them miles ahead of most of the other developers using Steam Greenlight to get their game distributed to the masses. Also, because space ducks.

According to the press release, Relic Hunters Zero is a “free, open-source shooter”. Gameplay appears to be fast-paced , tactical, and smooth like butter. I like butter. Adding more butter on top of the butter, Relic Hunters Zero features a lo-fi soundtrack by renowned Swedish chip tune artist, Goto80.

Judging from the trailer, this self-proclaimed “tangled mess of curse words and “funny” function names” appears capture everything great about video games in a tiny package of awesome. Nothing in life is free, so what’s the catch? Well, Relic Hunters Zero is going to be relatively short – around 2-3 hours. There’s high replayability because its 12 levels feature randomly-generated enemy squads and item placements, so each playthrough will play out differently. Even so, that’s a little short. However, if Relic Hunters Zero does well enough, Rogue Snail plan on creating a separate commercial release of the game.

While Rogue Snail might be the best name for an indie game developer since Corgis On Fire, just who the hell are they? Well, the answer might surprise you! Rogue Snail is a collaboration effort between game designer Mark Venturelli (Dungeonland, Chroma Squad) and artist Betu Souza (Knights of Pen and Paper, Chroma Squad). Yes, those guys. The guys that make awesome. Them.

Needless today, I’m beyond excited to get my hands on Relic Hunters Zero. It’s the first ever free-to-play game with a space donkey named Ass and that makes it an endeavor worth supporting.